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PEPSI® Fever, Vol.1

The Most Amazing Wallpapers Collection


Since PEPSI® is my favorite soft drink, I collected this wallpaper collection from all the official sites of PEPSI on the internet, and I classified them according to the year and theme.

All wallpapers are in High Quality and I bet you that these wallpapers will be the favorite by your desktop 😉

So, here we go:

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Ha? tell me what you think 😉

Hello world!

Hello earth people, this is the 1st time I have a blog for myself, so I’ll try to put everything that I love and find useful & interesting.

Wish me good luck.

As a test signal I’ll put my latest design for Amr Diab and I called it:

Amr Diab بدون توقف (Non-Stop!)

So what you think?